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A Little History about the founder
Many years ago, when I had a full head of hair, I woke up feeling empty. It felt as if I didn’t have enough going on in my life to keep me busy. I said to myself, “I NEED A HOBBY,” but I was not sure what this meant. I found myself walking through a large store that sells many things, but doesn’t necessarily master any of them. While I was in this store I saw what they called a Bonsai. Having always been fascinated by these trees I wondered, COULD THIS BE IT. Could this be the hobby I’ve been looking for??? 

Off I went with bonsai in tow. It was a Jade bonsai. The large leaf variety, if these can even be tactfully Bonsaied. I knew not better. I had no clue what I was doing. Little did I know that the care instructions provided with this Bonsai were care instructions sold with every Bonsai that they peddled? Death came swiftly and confusion set in, and determination soon followed. The determination to succeed at keeping a Bonsai alive. 

My next Bonsai purchased was from a Bonsai dealer. With this Bonsai I purchased a book, and it’s been fantastic ever since. Shortly after I attended a Bonsai class, which expanded my knowledge of Bonsai and to my Girlfriends chagrin my collection. At the time I lived in Queens, NY and had no yard but if there’s an obsession, I mean a will, there’s a way. Without any adequate natural light coming through any window in this home I set up florescent lighting to run 16 hours a day to simulate 4 hours of sun light. That meant I better not forget to close my bedroom door before bed, because at 1 am it was day time in my living room. As you now know my Bonsai collection consisted of indoor Bonsai. 

A few years later, I moved to Florida and my indoor Bonsai were now outdoor Bonsai. I was excited to have some real growth to work with. I continued to read more books and enjoyed every author’s slightly different version of what Bonsai meant to them. Here’s when I gained most of the knowledge I now possess. In my hunt to find more Bonsai to work with I stumbled across a man, Bob Horvath, who owned a landscaping business and he sold bonsai on the side. What a combination! But that’s not all. He asked if I would like to help him with some of his bonsai. Me, help him? I didn’t think I knew much, but in return he would share his knowledge of Bonsai. I could also have run of whole facility. This meant working on any of his Bonsai with his assistance until he was sure I knew what I was doing, and having the opportunity to dig through his landscaping stock to make any Bonsai I wished. Almost every Saturday I showed at about 9 or 10am for about 2 and ½ half years and I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to gain the knowledge needed to become a Bonsai (dare I say) Artist. 

Many years and many Tropical Bonsai later, I feel I’m at a point to share my experiences with Bonsai. There are many knowledgeable Bonsai masters & artistes out there willing to help anyone who needs it and with the internet at most everyone’s disposal it’s easy to get almost any question answered. My most important piece of advice to beginners is EDUCATE YOUR SELF ABOUT YOUR BONSAI TREE. Your going to here me say that a lot in other articles I’ve written. A tree is Alive. In my world it represents life. Treat your Bonsai with respect; it depends on you for everything.